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Our Story

All About Us

Surface Ride Shop is a female family owned business. Our mission here is to supply our customers with top notch products and services!

Our story started back in 2018 at the ripe ages of 12 and 15. Our first business was Git Sidewayz. We started Git Sidewayz a couple years into our motocross career. With already traveling all over the place we thought it would be a good idea to make a little money and teach us responsibilities. We started selling VP Racing Fuels and Amsoil out of a vendor trailer. In 2022 we decide to take our business to the next level. We then took ownership of Surface Ride Shop.

Surface Ride Shop has been around for many years before us. When we first started racing, Surface Ride Shop was actually one of our main sponsors! February of 2022 we took over the roll of ownership. Since then we have grown the business and our person selfs. Learning something new everyday! We now carry many popular brands such as Parts Unlimited, 100 Percent, Bell Helmets, Heat Wave Visual, Muc-Off, and many more. Our story is just getting started!

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